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Feel like a Local! See all the main hotspots in Downtown New York. We cover it all in 90 minutes.

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We have guided more than 10,000 tours since 2008

What’s great about this tour?

Our tours are led by Wall Street experts who will lead you through the winding streets of Lower Manhattan. You will see all the highlights such as the Wall Street Bull and the New York Stock Exchange.

Who would enjoy this tour?

Are you interested in Wall street? Want to explore Lower Manhattan? Interested in a photo with the Wall Street Bull?  Then this tour is for you!

Why should we book this tour with you?

We offer high quality wall street walking tours, and have toured with over 100 000 people since 2008. Our tours conveniently start on wall street and end at the 9/11 Memorial, the perfect place to continue your visit downtown.

With so much to do in the financial district, we offer guided tours so you can see it all!

On our Wall Street Tour you will learn:

How The New York Stock Exchange started as a group of businessmen working under a Buttonwood tree.

How they become the largest, most watched financial exchange in the world

Who the most powerful brokers in the world are today

Learn about financial icons J.P. Morgan, Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockefeller and how they made history.

See where Wall Street power brokers go to lunch. Maybe you will see Wall Street strategists plot and plan their markets on the back of paper napkins!

Learn the importance of the Dow Jones Index so you can understand what financial shows are talking about when they give their closing bell reports

Wall Street Tour Details

Group rates $300 and more depending on the size of your group.  Check out our Group Tours Page.

Group and private tours – any day and time of the week

Check out our special section just for Groups

Approximately 90 minutes Make sure to use the bathroom before the tour as there are no bathrooms stops during the tour. There are also bathrooms available at the end of the tour. Check our handy maps of Food and Bathrooms

Starting Point: Across the street from 57 Wall Street Go to 57 Wall Street and walk ACROSS THE STREET. Go into the Atrium. There is a Starbucks on the right.  The tour meets in that area. Just look for the tour guide with the Wall Street Walks sign. SOMETIMES there is a popcorn truck or delivery truck parked and you cannot see the Atrium. Ending Point: We work it out the ending point with every group, depending on where they are going after the tour.

Tour takes place rain or shine. 


Wear comfortable shoes and clothing. We walk on uneven roads,  cobble stones and walk up and down stairs.

Subway Directions to Wall Street:

From Penn Station (the Macy’s, 34th street or Empire State area):

Take the red subway line (2, 3) downtown to the Wall Street stop. It takes about 15-20 minutes.

From Times Square area:

Take the red subway line (2, 3) downtown to the Wall Street stop. It takes about 20 minutes.

From Grand Central area:

Take the green subway line (4, 5) downtown to the Wall Street stop. It takes about 20 minutes. During the NYC rush hour, it can take up to 45 minutes.

The Wall Street tour can be done on any day and time of the week.

Check out our special section just for Groups

Tour Testimonials

“A great tour to get a quick review on the history of Wall Street. If you choose to join this Wall Street Tour, you will definitely find out how efficient this tour is. Even though the tour lasts about an hour-and-a-half, it is very efficient for tourists who are the first visitors to Wall Street or NYC to get familiar with this area. Especially, explanations of the tour guide allowed me to have a basic understanding on the history of Wall Street.”
Park Junghoon

“The tour was very interesting and informative. Even if you go downtown / Wall Street, you’d never know many of the facts presented. Although it was extremely windy and rather chilly, Maddie did a great job keeping it interesting. I would definitely recommend.”
Mike K.

“Very informative. Our tour guide was a very sweet lady. She was very knowledgeable. She said that her husband had worked on Wall Street for years and she knew her stuff! I loved all the facts, the kids really liked it too! Good for whole family!”
Tinna E.

“Steve, our guide, gave us a lot of interesting facts about downtown New York. Also the way he leads you through the streets is very pleasant with always a humoristic touch. We can recommend the tour and the guide.”
Eric D.

“Our tour guide was extremely knowledgeable and very entertaining. I would highly recommend this tour, as walking through Wall Street initially can seem over rated, but after the tour you get a better sense of value and appreciation for some of the landmarks and history.”

“There’s rich history and so much to see in this neighborhood, from the days of the Dutch to the market crash of 2008. Our guide, Steve, was a true entertainer. His experiences as a US Marine, trader on the floor of the stock exchange, and actor (to name a few) gave him a unique perspective. Great guy for conversation and not afraid to give you his opinion on all things New York.”

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