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What Is Virtual Enterprise?

Virtual Enterprise International (VEI) is a live global business simulation program open to all interested students. Students around the world run virtual businesses, fostering critical thinking skills, entrepreneurship and communication with a variety of other people that they might not otherwise encounter.Virtual Enterprise was pioneered by the New York City Department of Education. Students take on a role in the virtual business that their school has created. With international communication and virtual business dealings with other student-run businesses, VEI participants get a very accurate representation of the ins and outs of running a modern global business.

How Does Virtual Enterprise Benefit Students?

Virtual Enterprise has developed a curriculum that supports the VEI program. This curriculum teaches business and economics concepts that help the students within the VEI program, and afterwards in their careers as businesspeople. The VEI curriculum is aligned with the Common Core standards.

How Does Wall Street Walks Benefit Virtual Enterprise Students?

For two summers, Wall Street Walks has hosted interns from the Virtual Enterprise program.

Wall Street Walks is also a judge in the Youth Business Summit event that takes place in New York every year in April.

The Virtual Enterprise program is particularly well-suited for students who aim to work on Wall Street. The interns that work for us over the summer were a head and shoulder above other students who did not participate in Virtual Enterprise.

  • Our Wall Street walking tour compliments the learning components of the virtual enterprise program.
  •  Our Wall Street tours are a great incentive to promote your Virtual Enterprise program.
  • Our tours complement the work students do to prepare for the competitive events.
  • Many of the competitive Virtual Enterprise events and business partnership programs are Wall Street related.



















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