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Taking a Train to NYC with Your School Group

Local railroads would like children to become comfortable with using mass transit. They offer school and group discounts, priority travel with escorts and more.


If traveling from Long Island, check out the Long Island Railroad:

If traveling from New Jersey, check out NJ Transit:

If traveling from Westchester, check out MetroNorth:

Upon arrival in Manhattan, switch to the NYC Subway for travel to Downtown New York. There are two main train stations in New York City: Penn Station and Grand Central Terminal, as indicated on the map below.

Travelers arriving at Penn Station can take the blue subway line (the A/C/E) or the red subway line (the 1/2/3) to go downtown.

Travelers arriving at Grand Central can take the green subway line (the 4/5) downtown.


Subway stops in the Financial District:

Coming from Penn Station, you can take the E to the World Trade Center, or the A/C to Fulton Street. To get to Wall Street itself, just take the 2/3 to the Wall Street stop.

Coming from Grand Central, make sure to take the 4/5 (not the 6) and get off at the Wall Street stop.

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