Who Would Enjoy A New York Walking Tour?

– Are you visiting New York for the first time?
– Are you curious to see the Wall Street Bull or the 9/11 Memorial?
– Do you love architecture?
– Do you like going off the beaten path?
– Do you live in New York, but never made it out to see the sights?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you would love a walking tour.

New York walking tours focus on a neighborhood


You get to know the area well

You walk point to point and learn and see the area in an organized way

Walking tours makes it easy to relax. You don’t have to read or struggle to read the map.

Bring your camera, good shoes and enjoy

Why take a New York walking tour?

Lower Manhattan tour has more than 400 years of history.

Historically this neighborhood is known as Downtown New York, Wall Street or the Financial District.

Today it is the oldest and coolest New York neighborhood.

Much of the neighborhood is closed to cars and a walking tour is the best way to explore the rich history and architecture of Downtown New York.

How does it work?

Our walking tours are themed.

We focus our walking tours on a slice of history.

For example, Wall Street, Alexander Hamilton, Dutch New Amsterdam, 911 Memorial, the Jewish history and heritage, Architecture and what your interest is.

We go point-to-point and show you the good stuff!

We start from the “bottom” (Bowling Green) and work your way up to the 911 Memorial/World Trade Center.


We start at the subway stop and go in a big circle to end in another place, such as a restaurant, the Brooklyn Bridge or Statue of Liberty.

There are two types of New York Walking Tours

Public Tours

  • A Public Tours is scheduled regularly.  
  • You tour with a group of other people with a similar interest as you.
  • You buy a ticket and show up at the meeting point.  
  • The tour guide meet the group, leads the group through the neighborhood.
  • All our public tours ends at the 911 Memorial to make it easy for our guests to visit the 911 Memorial or One World Observatory after the tour.
  • Public tours 90 minutes long.
  • The public Wall Street tour takes places on weekdays at 11am and 2pm and the Secrets of Downtown takes place on certain days at 10am.

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 Private Group Tours

  • You tour on your own schedule.  In other words you choose the date and time of the tour.
  • You have your own tour guide for just your group or family and friends.
  • If your group is 12 or less people you can buy a ticket.  For these tours we chose the meeting best for the subway. But contact us and we can meet anywhere else that works best for you.
  • Our private group tours start and end at any place in Downtown.  For example:
    • Start at the tour bus stop and end back there.  
    • Or start at a hotel and end a restaurant.  
    • Or start at the 911 Memorial and end at the Statue of Liberty.
  • Just let us know your plans and we can help to find the best solution for you.

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