911 Memorial Tour

Our guides will bravely recount the 911 events and their deeply personal experience of that harrowing time.

About Our 911 Memorial Tour

The tour includes relevant areas outside of the 9/11 Memorial, which differentiates it from many other tours.

Listen to the Memorial Waterfalls and visit the Survivor Tree, the only tree to withstand the devastation of 911.

Peek inside St Paul’s Chapel. It’s the oldest surviving church in Manhattan and saved many lives during 911.

View and admire the best new architecture in New York City.

People are inspired by the triumph of the rebuilding and rebirth of lower Manhattan, forged by the indomitable spirit of New Yorkers, rather than the tragedy that befell this Great City and its people on 9/11.

On our 911 Memorial Private tour you will learn:


  • First stop is a peek inside St Paul’s Chapel, or “The Little Chapel That Stood”

  • It’s the oldest surviving church in Manhattan that saved many lives during 911

  • then became the go-to place of the police and fire departments after 911

  • Outside, you can listen to the Memorial Waterfalls

  • Visit the Survivor Tree, the only tree to withstand the devastation of 911

  • Pass the awe-inspiring 911 Museum and sparkling One World Trade Center,

  • Go inside the Calatrava Transportation Hub called the “Oculus”

  • Learn and see the enormous progress in the gradual rebuilding of the area.

  • We explore inside shiny Brookfield Place and the Winter Garden, a vibrant shopping and dining complex that sprouted from the debris of 911 where thousands of workers and residents relax, dine and make merry every day.

Where We Stop

  • Fulton Center
  • St. Pauls Chapel
  • The Oculus
  • Westfield
  • Ground Zero / 911 Memorial Plaza
  • Teardrop Memorial
  • Brookfield PlaceTickets to visit the 911 Museum and One World Observatory can easily be added to the tour


911 Memorial Tour Details

Group rates start at $300 and more depending on the size of your group.  

Check out our Groups Tour Pages 

Tickets to visit the 911 Museum and One World Observatory can easily be added to the tour.

Any time, any day you want.

Tours are approximately 90 minutes – 2 hours minutes long

Make sure to use the bathroom before the tour as there are no bathroom stops during the tour.   There are also bathrooms available at the end of the tour.

Check our handy maps of Food and Bathrooms



Tour Start:
Inside the Fulton Center Subway, 200 Broadway

Tour End:
911 Memorial / Ground Zero

We also meet private tours at the subway or tour bus stop.  We work it out with every group

Getting to the tour start

All of the NYC subways stop at the World Trade Center.   

The stops are all connected via underground walkways and called different names.

Fulton Center is the stop for:

Blue line, A, C,  Red 2, 3 and Green 4, 5

Rector Street – Red 1 line

Cortland Street – yellow R, W

Blue E – Chambers Street and switch to the A, C.

The last stop of the E subway is World Trade Center.  That stop is part of the Oculus.

PATH – World Trade Center

The tour bus stop is 86 Trinity Place or at Brookfield Place.

Tour takes place rain or shine.

Wear comfortable shoes and clothing. We walk on uneven roads,  cobble stones and walk up and down stairs.

Check out our special section just for Groups

Tour Testimonials

911 Walking Tour

“Fantastic tour, led by a very knowledgeable guide.”

Joe L

“There’s rich history and so much to see in this neighborhood, from the days of the Dutch to the market crash of 2008. Our guide, Steve, was a true entertainer. His experiences as a US Marine, trader on the floor of the stock exchange, and actor (to name a few) gave him a unique perspective. Great guy for conversation and not afraid to give you his opinion on all things New York.”


“This was a very informative tour. I am a New Yorker and LOVE the fact that I still have so much to learn about my city. Our guide, Randy, was extremely knowledgeable. He was also very thoughtful and flexible b/c it was quite cold the day of our tour and he had already figured out away to minimize our time outside. I highly recommend this tour as there are so many changes going on at the World Trade Center site.”  

Janett E

“Had a great tour of the world trade center from the outside and all the buildings that surround the area.  I had a private tour by a guy who was a responder and knew a lot about the history etc. This tour company specializes in The Wall Street Area.”

Stage L

“our guide was a wonderful South African woman who was very gracious & knowledgeable. We latched on to the wrong tour group 1st & when we realized it we called her & she waited for us to come back. Hers was much better as she offered headphones so we could hear everything above all the city noise. Well done all around. Highly recommended.”

Thomas P

“I liked the tour.thanks”


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