Classroom Presentations

Looking for a unique illustrated talk or classroom lecture to supplement your school field trip to Wall Street? 

Annaline Dinkelmann, Wall Street Walks owner and founder, has developed several entertaining and enlightening presentations based off of her best-selling Wall Street Tour. With stories drawn from her exclusive perspective as a Wall Street insider, these slideshow lectures brings finance, math, business and history topics alive for the students.

How does it work?

We have classroom space on Wall Street that we use for the indoor classes.

These Wall Street-related topics are accentuated by beautiful historical slides featuring many of early America’s most famous faces and places.

Generally, the lecture takes about an hour, but it can easily be lengthened or cut down to suit your time constraints.

Topics can also be customized to fit the needs of your curriculum.

Many teachers choose to combine the class with our walking tours.

It makes a great morning or afternoon educational experience covering all things Wall Street!

Choose from the 3 Lectures below:

Development of the Financial (stock) Market (60 minutes)

Finance and Business Professionals on Wall Street (60 minutes)

Business and Technology (60 minutes)

Highlighted topics include:

  • How the stock markets started
  • The history and growth of Wall Street and the financial sector
  • The development of the role of the investment banks
  • Regulation of the markets
  • The “business of business”



  • What is it like to work on Wall Street?
  • The Wall Street job search
  • How to prepare for a career in finance and investing

What’s it like to actually work on Wall Street? We will tell your class!


  • Interactive class to learn how to take advance of new technology.
  • Spot the new opportunities and careers.
  • Learn how technology changes the workplace and the way of doing business.
  • Get hints & tips on how to figure out where the new jobs will appear, and how to capitalize on that

Whether your like it or not, technology creates and eliminates jobs.

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