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Take a NYC field trip relevant to what you teach in the classroom.

Student Field Trips to New York City

We design tours to help you get the most out of your school curriculum. We tailor and customize the tour to the different ages in the group.

What’s great about this tour?

By visiting places in person, students gain a deeper understanding of what they are taught in the classroom.

Concepts taught in finance, business studies, personal finance or financial literacy classes becomes real.

Understand more about the impact of how fluctuations in the stock market can affect your job and existence.

We customize the tour for you

to speak at the right student age level and tailor the content to match your curriculum.

















We meet at the subway exits or the tour bus stops.


PLUS we also meet at the 911 Museum or where you are in Lower Manhattan before the tour.



Bathrooms – purple squares

Food – Turquoise squares


Check out our planning pages


Details about our NYC Student Tours

Group rates start at $300, depending on the size of your school group.

We provide discounted rates for large groups.

Student tours can be done on  any day and time of the week

Tours are approximately 90 minutes 

A bathroom stop with a group takes about 20 minutes.  That time needs to be added to the tour time.

There are also bathrooms available at the start and end of the tour. 

Check our handy maps of Food and Bathrooms

Tour Start

We meet at the tour bus stops or subway exits.


911 Museum, Statue of Liberty ferry or where you are in Lower Manhattan.


Tour End

We end the tour at the bus stop, a place to picnic or buy food, or where its best for your group.

We work it out with every group.

Click here for Travel directions to Lower Manhattan

Click here for Food and Bathroom options in Lower Manhattan

Tour takes place rain or shine. 


Wear comfortable shoes and clothing. We walk on uneven roads,  cobble stones and walk up and down stairs.

Tour Testimonials

Just writing to tell you that Marlene was an outstanding tour guide yesterday.  She did an awesome job. Furthermore, I was so anxious about running late due to traffic and her pleasant demeanor and willingness to be flexible allowed me to finally “breathe” for the first time that day.

 We had a great experience and hope to do it again next year!


Laurie, High School Accounting and Personal Finance Teacher

Our tour guide was extremely knowledgeable and very entertaining. I would highly recommend this tour, as walking through Wall Street initially can seem over rated, but after the tour you get a better sense of value and appreciation for some of the landmarks and history.


I’ve been a finance professor for almost 3 decades now & I found Mattie to be knowledgeable, thoughtful and fun to follow around the financial district. Well worth the price.


Just wanted to say how happy we were with the Wall Street Walks tour we took last Friday morning. SO much history to take in, our guide was excellent! I left a review on Trip Advisor but wanted to email as well. Thanks so much for an enjoyable outing!

Mike and Kelly Riley, Michigan

I recently booked and completed this tour with my high school students when we were visiting NYC. Annaline and Randy were OUTSTANDING, friendly and knowledgeable tour guides. It’s always something to entertain high school students on a walking tour, but it is really something we you can do it, on a tour about Wall Street, in the pouring rain with high winds…..and they did it! They engaged my kids, and made the tour relevant to my students. They helped my bus driver find the right place and in general were just great people. When I go back to NYC, we will definitely do a tour with them again!

Robby M, Maryland


Help students make classroom to real world connections

Our educational student tours reinforce concepts taught in financial literacy, personal finance, Math, the Stock Market Game and entrepreneur classes

Financial history helps students understand many of the complex and abstract Wall Street terminology.

Learn about the role of financial institutions

We explain types of financial markets

Understand more about the impact of technology on the banking industry

Hear about career opportunities in the financial services industry.


NYC Field Trip Topics:

The educational tours below are available to be customized for your school group. Click the Book Now button to request a tour.

Wall Street Tour

Wall Street is where business, finance and economics meet in a glorious and vibrant display! Learn about the humble beginnings of trade on Wall Street under a Buttonwood tree. Students see where the wall once stood and learn about the various financial institutions that developed along this street. Students learn how the financial industry shaped and built New York City, leading to innovations, inventions and discoveries which still shape the world today.

Our most popular tour – experience history where it happened

Panics, Crashes and the Financial Crisis

Perhaps you’ve heard about the Great Depression and Black Tuesday in 1929, but did you know about the other widely felt and impacting crashes since 1792, when the stock market system was established as we know it today?

This tour highlights the biggest stock market crashes and their impact on Wall Street’s history. Hear the fascinating stories of the resiliency and pride of Americans and financiers who pulled the USA through these tough times!

All of our tour guides have worked in finance on Wall Street and can speak about the recent financial crisis from personal experience.

You will get to see both the New York Stock Exchange, the grave of Alexander Hamilton, the Wall Street Bull (which has been known to bring good luck to Wall Street!), the Federal Reserve and much more.

Women of Wall Street

Bold, beautiful, and influential…discover the female power brokers who have shaped the history of Wall Street. Your guide, a veteran of Wall Street herself, will shine a light on the women who dared to infiltrate this male-dominated industry. Hear the stories of famous women like:

  • Victoria Woodhull, who opened the first woman-owned brokerage in 1870 and ran for president of the United States in 1872
  • Hetty Green. a successful businesswoman whose tough nature and intense frugality earned her the title of “The Witch of Wall Street”
  • Muriel Siebert , the first woman to own a seat on the New York Stock Exchange in 1967

Learn about these women as well as the women who are moving and shaking the financial world today.

Alexander Hamilton Tour

Learn about Alexander Hamilton, first Secretary of the Treasury and  architect of the American financial system, his friends, George Washington, the first American President, Thomas Jefferson, the first Secretary of State, and Aaron Burr, a friend and foe. Visit the sites where they lived and worked.

Learn how Alexander Hamilton became the most powerful man in the United States behind George Washington. Uncover the truth behind his famed duel with Aaron Burr, US vice-president, where Hamilton sustained wounds that eventually lead to his death. The deal between Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton that moved the US Capitol from New York to Washington DC.


American History Tour

See where real history happened.  It makes it real and relevant for students

More than 400 years of history exist in Lower Manhattan.

We customize our American History tour to focus on specific time periods such as

Dutch New Amsterdam

The Revolutionary War

Gilded Age

Just tell us what your class needs.

Lower Manhattan was once a Dutch trading post and bustling seaport named New Amsterdam.

Adventurers, sea merchants, privateers, and colonists – as well as pirates, smugglers and slave traders – sought their fortunes here, and all left indelible marks on the city’s history and architecture.

On our American History tours of Downtown New York, you will:

  • Walk on the old Dutch streets going back to the 1600s
  • See where George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, Thomas Jefferson and other prominent historical figures lived
  • See Fraunces Tavern, the oldest building in Manhattan, and get free entry into their Museum
  • Learn about the role of African American slavery in the evolution of America
  • Learn about Andrew Carnegie, John D Rockefeller and the other men who built America
  • Finish the tour at the 911 Memorial

Need more information before booking a student tour?

Send us a few more details below, and we’ll get back to you shortly with our recommendations.

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