Student Field Trip Tour Topics

Student Trip Walking Tour Topics

Student Group at Wall Street BullHistory of Wall Street

Wall Street is where business, finance and economics meet in a glorious and vibrant display! Learn about the humble beginnings of trade on Wall Street under a Buttonwood tree. Students see where the wall once stood and learn about the various financial institutions that developed along this street. Students learn how the financial industry shaped and built New York City, leading to innovations, inventions and discoveries which still shape the world today.

Our most popular tour – experience history where it happened.

Panics, Crashes & the Financial Crisis

Perhaps you’ve heard about the Great Depression and Black Tuesday in 1929, but did you know about the other widely felt and impacting crashes since 1792, when the stock market system was established as we know it today? This tour highlights the biggest stock market crashes and their impact on Wall Street’s history. Hear the fascinating stories of the resiliency and pride of Americans and financiers who pulled the USA through these tough times! 

All of our tour guides have worked in finance on Wall Street and can speak about the recent financial crisis from personal experience.

New Amsterdam:

Early New York City History

The origins of the Dutch city of New Amsterdam: how and why it was settled and grew so quickly. Students walk the streets of New Amsterdam. They will learn about the city’s humble beginnings in the 1600’s and about the wall of Wall Street. Students will view ruins of New Amsterdam in an archeological dig visible from street level. Groups learn about Peter Minuit and his purchase of Manhattan from the Native Americans.




















Optional extras:

to round out your visit



Students attend a classroom session either in our own classroom, or at the Museum of American Finance. 


Museum Visits

We work closely with the Museum of American Finance, 911 Museum, One World Observatory and the Statue of Liberty and many other Lower Manhattan organisations to create full day or half day programs.

(NOTE: MOAF is closed Sundays & Mondays)

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