Stock Market Game


What is the Stock Market Game?

The Stock Market Game is an online game developed by SIFMA (the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association). The Stock Market Game is geared toward students in grades 4-12, and it is open to all educators and students regardless of the style of education they are participating in.


How Does the Stock Market Game Benefit Students?

Playing the Stock Market Game helps students understand the concept of investing. In playing the Stock Market Game, students develop financial literacy and hone their own personal finance skills. Math, economics, social studies and English skills are all used and developed, making the Stock Market Game a fun and effective supplemental educational program.


How Can Teachers Participate in the Stock Market Game?

The Stock Market Game website and program offers full support and instruction to teachers, educators and even parents who wish to participate. Teacher background and lesson plans allow even novice investors to act as teachers and offer the Stock Market Game program to their students.


How Does Wall Street Walks Supplement the Stock Market Game?

Wall Street Walks tours of New York’s Financial District offer students and teachers the rare opportunity to experience the real life Stock Market.


Many students that take part in the Stock Market Game think it’s a virtual game like a computer game –  you just buy coins for it, and use virtual money. It doesn’t matter if you lose.


While walking on our tours, students get to see that it’s real. There is an actual business called the New York Stock Exchange, which you can see in person. The brokers that work with the Wall Street firms are there, and students can watch them go in and out of the building. You can talk to some of them when they run outside to grab a coffee.


The Stock Market Game comes alive when students tour with Wall Street Walks. Our tours are a fantastic way to kick off your Stock Market Game program. They are also great rewards for the students that are nearing completion of the Stock Market Game program. In either case, our Wall Street Tour is highly beneficial.


• Our Wall Street tour compliments the learning of the Stock Market Game.

• Our tour is a great incentive to promote your Stock Market Game program.

• The best way to apply the Stock Market Game knowledge is to walk down Wall Street.

• Our tour supplements the information in the Stock Market Game Teacher Support Center.



















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