School Group Class Trip Information

Private Tour Information for School Group Class Trips to New York

  • Our walking tours for school group class trips compliment and enhance the curriculum taught in the classroom. Our guides teach the same way as Aristotle – the peripatetic way (by traveling from place to place, mainly working / teaching).
  • A guided walking tour is an ideal way for children to absorb history. You actually walk and visit the places where important events took place.
  • Our guides are brilliant at engaging student groups. Adolescents are often bored, tired and sometimes inclined to fight or quarrel. That is why its important to have the right guide. You want a guide who can snap them out of that, and keep them out of it. Some guides can do this, some can’t. It’s a natural talent that some guides have and others don’t. When you book a private tour for a school group you want a guide who has that ability as part of their skill-set. That is why you tour with us.
  • When you book a private tour through us you eliminate the risk of getting a guide who is not right for your group. Your goals are aligned with our goals – the best tour for your group.
  • All our student tours use individual listening devices. So you can actually hear the tour guide that you are paying for.
  • We have a variety of student tours to choose from. In addition we have experience and guidance to help you plan you school group class trips tour or day trip.


Or, call Colton, Chelsea or Nick at: 212-666-0175
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