Ground Zero Tours for Student Groups

For students of history, politics, civics and current events, the events of September 11, 2001, are vitally important to study. 

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Ground Zero, 911 Memorial and World Trade Center Tours for Schools

There has not been a more pivotal day in their lifetimes. Students will be studying the events of that day for generations, if not centuries to come. Our 911 Memorial and Ground Zero Student Tours include first-hand accounts of the events.

Many Grade School and even High School Students were not yet born in 2001, so they will not have any memories of the events that took place. As adults, we were there, and it is out responsibility to convey to our students what we witnessed. Our tours of the 911 Memorial and Ground Zero include first-hand accounts of the events.​

On our 911 Memorial tour we also:
  • Explore the surrounding area.
  • Visit the Fulton Transportation Center.
  • See the Calatrava Hub.
  • Visit the newly restored World Financial Center (Called Brookfield Place).
Our Ground Zero tour covers:
  • The years post 9/11 to roughly late 2007, the clean-up and planning the redevelopment.
  • Early 2008 when we saw the rebuilding take off.
During our tours, we relate what we’ve seen, day in and day out:
  • Empty spaces turned into dazzling office towers, apartment buildings and lush parks
  • How Ground Zero became the 911 Memorial Plaza and 911 Museum
  • The building of the 911 Memorial Waterfalls that now fills the holes left by the Twin Towers
  • The Construction of the new World Trade Center
Visits to the 911 Memorial area include three options:
  • Tour of the 9/11 Memorial Plaza – part of our comprehensive walking tour.

In addition to our walking tour of the area there are two 911 Museums:

  • 9/11 Museum – indoor museum $24 per adult and $15 per student. No guided tours by external guides are allowed. You can book ticket on your own her​e: 911 Museum
  • 911 Tribute Museum – look back at the events that happened on 911. Indoor Museum $15 per adult and $10 per student. You can book tickets for that here: 911 Tribute Museum

Our tours are customized for your group’s needs.

Tours run any time, any day of the week, rain or shine.

We can accommodate both small and large groups.

Students gain a deeper understanding of what’s already being taught.


Engage students through their different learning styles.

Spark curiosity & excite students in a way that’s hard to do in a text-based setting.

What teachers say about our tours…

“I recently booked and completed this tour with my high school students when we were visiting NYC. Annaline and Randy were OUTSTANDING, friendly and knowledgeable tour guides. It’s always something to entertain high school students on a walking tour, but it is really something hard to do, on a tour about Wall Street, in the pouring rain with high winds…..and they did it! They engaged my kids, and made the tour relevant to my students. They helped my bus driver find the right place and in general were just great people. When I go back to NYC, we will definitely do a tour with them again!”

Robby M., Teacher in Maryland

“Just writing to tell you that Marlene was an outstanding tour guide yesterday. She did an awesome job. Furthermore, I was so anxious about running late due to traffic and her pleasant demeanor and willingness to be flexible allowed me to finally “breathe” for the first time that day. We had a great experience and hope to do it again next year!”

Laurie, High School Accounting and Personal Finance Teacher

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