What Does DECA Stand For?

The DECA acronym stands for Distributive Education Clubs of America. Their website is

DECA High School

DECA high school students engage in experiential learning that prepares them for the transition to college. DECA students participate in projects and become familiar with creative problem solving. The DECA club bridges the gap between classroom and business.

Collegiate DECA

Collegiate DECA prepares college students for their future careers. DECA education conferences offer college students an opportunity to gather, learn and engage together. DECA students build the skill sets needed for a successful entry into careers in business. The DECA Leadership Passport Program gives DECA students a chance to develop an engaging DECA program on their own campuses.

DECA Competitive Events

Both high school and collegiate DECA students have the opportunity to compete against one another in their fields of focus. The competition clusters include: business management and administration, finance, hospitality and tourism, and marketing.

How Does Wall Street Walks Benefit DECA Students?

• Our walking tour content compliments the DECA program & mission

• Our Wall Street tour is a great immersive experience for the DECA student.

• Our Wall Street tour adds to the knowledge base the DECA students need to excel in the DECA competitive events.

• The competitive DECA clusters of business, finance and tourism are addresses directly in our walking tours. These topics are all Wall Street related.

• Many DECA groups have enjoyed touring with Wall Street Walks.




















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