What is the story of the Wall Street Bull?

On the night of December 15, the bull was loaded on a truck with a crane and driven to the NYSE by the Artist, Arturo Di Modica and a few friends. The bull arrived unnoticed and unannounced under the NYSE Christmas tree. By morning it was the BIG story all over the media. It was truly mystery as no one knew how it got there or who was responsible…

The NYSE officials were not happy to see the bull.

They tried to get the City to remove it. Around 5PM they took matters into their own hands and paid a private contractor to haul the Bull off to storage in Queens.
That Saturday morning New York Post had identified Arturo Di Modica as the local Italian American sculptor responsible. The NY Post’s headlined said “BAH HUMBUG .. N.Y. Stock Exchange grinches can’t bear Christmas-gift bull” with a large front-page photo of the Bull being removed from in front of NYSE.

How did the bull return to lower Manhattan?

Lower Manhattan businessman, Arthur Piccolo of the Bowling Green Association, read the article and found Mr. Di Modica in the phone book. They spoke and met later that Saturday to survey the space at Bowling Green Park, a few blocks from the NYSE, as the future home of the bull.

With the help of Henry Stern, the NY Parks and then mayor of New York, Edward Koch, the bull returned to Bowling Green on the morning of December 20, 1989.

The NYSE refused to release the bull from storage until the artist Arturo Di Modica paid for all their storage cost and expenses to remove the bull.

About the Charging Bull: Questions and Answers

Q: Who designed the bull?

A: Italian American artist Arturo Di Modica.

Q: Who cast the bull?

A: The bull was cast in Brooklyn by the  Bedi-Makky Art Foundry.

Q: How big is the bull?

A: Roughly 5 meters or 16 feet from the nose to the tail.

Q: How much does the bull weigh?

A: 3 ½ tons = 7000 pounds or 3181 kg

Q: What is the bull made of?

A: Bronze

All our Wall Street Walks tours stop at the Bull!

How do I find the Charging Bull?

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