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In 2007, owner and founder, Annaline Dinkelmann, became a tour guide. Wall Street Walks is the touring company she established in 2008. In the beginning, the main focus of her tours were the Stock Market and Wall Street itself.

In 2008 construction, rebuilding and redevelopment in Lower Manhattan was underway:

The 9/11 Memorial was still Ground Zero. It was still a large hole in the ground. While we were giving tours, the massive post 9/11 clean-up completes. The reconstruction starts. It is a renaissance, a transformation of the entire neighborhood.

Empty spaces magically turned into dazzling office towers and apartment buildings. Beautiful new parks and open spaces created.

The Memorial Waterfall now fills the holes left by the Twin Towers. World Trade Center was reborn.

As Downtown New York has grown and changed, so have we. We now proudly offer a variety of fabulous walking tours:


Annaline Dinkelmann leads a tour near the Charging Bull sculpture

  • Wall Street Tour
  • Secrets of Downtown
  • The Ground Zero 911 Memorial Tour
  • The Alexander Hamilton Tour

Join us on one (or more) of our New York walking tours, and you will get it all – adventure, history, local color, exercise and fun! Enjoy!

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