Wall Street Tours

What is Wall Street?

Wall Street is the symbol of the US financial system – the largest and most watched stock market in the world. The area around Wall Street is the New York Financial District.

Why is it called Wall Street?

During the 1600’s, Wall Street was the northern border of the Dutch colony of New Amsterdam. The colony had a wall to protect the local citizens. The wall stood exactly where Wall Street is today. The wall ran from the East River to the Hudson River – all the way across the island!

The Wall Street Bull

The Wall Street Bull is the symbol of the stock market going higher. A bull market means we are making money! Often people think it is the New York Stock Exchange Bull. But’s it not. Its actually a sculpture made by the New York artist, Arturo Di Modica. When you join our Wall Street tour, you will visit the Wall Street Bull and you can rub him for good luck!

The Wall Street Bull location is on Broadway where it splits just north of Bowling Green. It is south of Wall Street by several blocks.

Join our Wall Street Tour:

Walk on Wall Street and see the wooden markers where the wall used to be. We walk by Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, Standard & Poors, and the Federal Reserve.

Also on our route is the New York Stock Exchange on the corner of Wall Street and Broad Street. It is across the street from the former office of J.P. Morgan at 23 Wall Street. Also across from the NYSE is Federal Hall, once the capitol building of the United States of America.

On our Wall Street tours, learn more about JP Morgan and John D Rockefeller. We tell you all about their lives, their businesses, and the history of Wall Street.

The founder of the US financial system was Alexander Hamilton.

Hamilton created the system when he was the US Secretary of the Treasury in the 1790’s. Alexander Hamilton is famous today because of the Broadway show, Hamilton. The show is about his life. We have a special tour focused on Alexander Hamilton.

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